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The Japan Alps were so named by William Gowland, a Briton who was the first foreigner to climb Mt. Yarigatake in 1877. Subsequently, the book “MOUNTAINEERING AND EXPLORATION IN THE JAPAN ALPS,” was written by Walter Weston, a British missionary known as the “Father of Modern Climbing in Japan.” The two shared their fascination with the Japan Alps with mountain-lovers worldwide, who are still attracted to their majestic peaks.
In August, 2008, the seven cities of Toyama, Hida, Takayama, Omachi, Azumino, Matsumoto, and Shiojiri organized the Partnership Council of Japan Alps 7 Cities to promote awareness of the sightseeing resources of the Japan Alps to the world. Working in close cooperation, the members focus on how to attract visitors and entertain them.
This site is maintained by the Partnership Council.

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