From Matsumoto City, Nagano Pref.

With the national treasure of Matsumoto Castle as its symbol, Matsumoto City is known as the gateway to the Northern Alps. It is a beautiful castle town with views of Kamikochi, the peaks of the Northern Alps and the Utsukushigahara Plateau. It is not only rich in nature and tourism spots, but also an area that has traditionally emphasized education and fostered a distinctive climate of art and culture.

Recommended Spots


Situated at an altitude of about 1,500 m, Kamikochi is the most famous scenic spot in the Chubu Sangaku National Park. It also serves as a base and trailhead to the 3,000-meter mountains of the Northern Alps. Views of the snowcapped Hotaka mountain range from the Kappa Bridge are superb. With the clear waters of the Azusa River and the vibrant leaves, you can enjoy this spectacular landscape through the changing seasons.

Matsumoto Castle, a national treasure

Built in 1593, this is the oldest surviving 5-storied, 6-floor castle tower in Japan. Listed as a national treasure, the castle tower has endured 400 years of wind and snow and is a testament to the superior fortification technology of the warring states period. The scene of the castle, surrounded by cherry blossoms, with Northern Alps behind, has become popular worldwide.

Recommended Foods

Toji Soba (buckwheat noodles)

The word "Toji" means to soak in warm soup. A sweet fragrance rises from a large steaming pot of seasonal vegetables, wild plants and mushrooms. Into this soup is placed a small basket of fresh buckwheat noodles, warming them and creating a unique style of eating. Why not enjoy the taste of traditions passed down from ancient times.

Access from Japan Alps Cities

From Hida City, Gifu Pref. Hida - R158 (2 hrs) - Matsumoto
From Toyama City, Toyama Pref. Toyama - Hokuriku Shinkansen & JR Shinonoi Line (via Nagano) 2 hrs 30 min - Matsumoto
Toyama - R471 and R41 (3 hrs) - Matsumoto
From Azumino City, Nagano Pref. Hotaka - JR Oito Line (30 min) - Matsumoto
Azumino - R19 (25 min) - Matsumoto
From Shiojiri City, Nagano Pref. Shiojiri - JR Shinonoi Line (16 min) - Matsumoto
Shiojiri - R63 (35 min) - Matsumoto
From Omachi City, Nagano Pref. Shinano Omachi JR Oito Line (1 hr) - Matsumoto
Omachi - R19 and R51 (1 hr) - Matsumoto
From Takayama City, Gifu Pref. 2 hrs 20 min by express bus on the Tateyama-Matsumoto line
Takayama - R158 (2 hrs) - Matsumoto