From Azumino City, Nagano Pref.

Azumino City is a place where you can enjoy a variety of pleasurable experiences. These include tasting fresh apples or the local specialty crop of Wasabi, which is grown in the cool clear waters flowing down from their headwater springs in the Northern Alps. Other popular activities are museum tours or hiking in the mountains while enjoying panoramic views of the Northern Alps. It is a wonderful, peaceful area.

Recommended Spots

Daio Wasabi Farm

This wasabi farm is the largest in Japan. At the nearby Tade River stands the three-wheeled water mill which appeared in Akira Kurosawa's film “Dreams.”

The Majestic Forms of the Northern Alps
(Viewed from Mt. Nagamine)

Views to the west of Azumino city are dominated by the magnificent Northern Alps mountain range. From anywhere in the city, you can look up and be greeted with views of the stunning 3,000-meter peaks. Views from Mt. Nagamine, of the Northern Alps shining in the morning sun, are particularly spectacular.

Recommended Foods

Azumino Apples

Apple orchards spread across the foothills of the Northern Alps. Being blessed with perfect natural conditions, such as the day-night temperature variance, means that plentiful delicious apples are produced. In early May, with the coming of spring, the apple trees are covered in beautiful white blossoms.

Access from Japan Alps Cities

From Hida City, Gifu Pref. Hida - R158 (2 hrs) - Azumino
From Toyama City, Toyama Pref. Toyama - Hokuriku Shinkansen & JR Shinonoi Line (via Nagano) 3 hrs - Akashina
Toyama - R147 (3 hrs) - Azumino
From Matsumoto City, Nagano Pref. Matsumoto - JR Shinonoi Line (30 min) - Hotaka
Matsumoto - R19 (25 min) - Azumino
From Shiojiri City, Nagano Pref. Shiojiri - JR Shinonoi Line (1 hr) - Matsumoto - JR Oito Line - Hotaka
Shiojiri - Nagano Expy (30 min) - Azumino
From Omachi City, Nagano Pref. Shinano Omachi - JR Oito Line (30 min) - Hotaka
Omachi - R147 (30 min) - Azumino
From Takayama City, Gifu Pref. Takayama - R158 (1 hr 40 min) - Azumino