Omachi City, Nagano Pref.

A land of scenic beauty, Omachi City is located at the foot of the Northern Alps, and is home to the Nagano side entrance to the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route. Areas such as Omachi-Onsenkyo have plentiful accommodation and an abundance of natural hot springs.

Recommended Spots

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

A magnificent mountain sightseeing route, the pride of Japan, connects Toyama City and Omachi City. In spring, snowplows carve out the road, creating 20m-high walls on both sides, called the “Yuki-no-Ohtani” (Towering Wall of Snow). In autumn, colorful fall foliage arrayed under a ropeway allows visitors to enjoy splendid natural panoramas.

Takase Valley

The Takase Valley refers to the area covering the three dams along the course of the Takase River and the 'hidden' hot spring of Kudzu onsen and its periphery. Takase dam stands proud as the highest rock filled dam in East Asia, while the open air hot spring baths at Kudzu onsen allow bathers to enjoy the scenery through the changing seasons, including the famous fall foliage.

Recommended Foods

Kurobe Dam Curry

The form of Japan's largest dam and the lake that it holds is recreated in curry by the "Kurobe Dam Curry". You can enjoy individual variations on this popular dish at various eateries in the Omachi area.

Access from Japan Alps Cities

From Hida City, Gifu Pref. Hida - R158 (2 hrs 40 min) - Omachi
From Toyama City, Toyama Pref. Toyama - Hokuriku Shinkansen & JR Oito Line (via Itoigawa) 2 hrs 30 min - Shinano Omachi
Toyama - R148 and Hokuriku Expy (2 hrs 30 min) - Omachi
From Matsumoto City, Nagano Pref. Matsumoto -JR Oito Line (1 hr) - Shinano Omachi
Matsumoto - R19 and R51 (1 hr) - Omachi
From Azumino City, Nagano Pref. Hotaka - JR Shinonoi Line - Shinano Omachi (30 min)
Azumino - R147 (30 min) - Omachi
From Shiojiri City, Nagano Pref. Shiojiri - JR Shinonoi Line & JR Oito Line (via Matsumoto) 1 hrs 20 min - Shinano Omachi
Shiojiri - R306 (1 hr) - Omachi
From Takayama City, Gifu Pref. Takayama - R158 (2 hrs 30 min) - Omachi