Hida City, Gifu Pref.

Hida City is surrounded by the foothills of the Hida Mountains (Northern Alps). The well-known castle town of Furukawa is an area that breathes festival culture and traditional craftsmanship. Hida's traditional architecture has also been inherited, producing beautiful wooden houses with overhanging eaves. Kamioka area is home to the Super-Kamiokande, a neutrino research facility made famous by Nobel Prize winning research. It is also a town where you can feel the nostalgia of Japan's bygone eras.

Recommended Spots

Traditional storehouses along the Setogawa Canal

A canal called Setogawa, with more than a thousand carp swimming leisurely against a background of traditional white storehouses, offers romantic elegance and photogenic scenes in each of the four seasons.

“Rail Mountain Bike

The rail mountain bike "Gattango!!" is a new form of transport, created in Hida using a combination of mountain bikes and disused railway tracks. Because the bicycles run on the top of steel rail lines, you can feel the vibrations and sounds reminiscent of rail travel producing a sensation that cannot be felt in traditional cycling.

Recommended Foods

Hida Tiger Blowfish

When we hear the name "Tiger Blowfish" we have an image of a luxury fish that we might not be able to eat. Moreover, separated from the sea, the only way to get such a food to Hida would be by transporting it a long distance. But in fact, a successful Tiger Blowfish farming operation means that we can enjoy the sweet chewy taste of this fish, right here in Hida. Please enjoy this experience while taking in the views of the Northern Alps.

Access from Japan Alps Cities

From Toyama City, Toyama Pref. Toyama - JR Takayama Line (1 hr 20 min) - Hida-Furukawa
Toyama - R41 (1 hr 40 min) - Hida
From Matsumoto City, Nagano Pref. Matsumoto - R158 (2 hrs 40 min) - Hida
From Azumino City, Nagano Pref. Azumino - R158 (2 hrs) - Hida
From Shiojiri City, Nagano Pref. Shiojiri - R158 (2 hrs 10 min) - Hida
From Omachi City, Nagano Pref. Omachi - R158 (2 hrs 40 min) - Hida
From Takayama City, Gifu Pref. Takayama - JR Takayama Line (15 min) - Hida-Furukawa
Takayama - R41 (25 min) - Hida